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The videos on this website provide a taste of how mathematical and biological ideas can be combined to obtain insight into different systems. How can you apply this kind of quantitative thinking to basic and clinical research? Browse the following links to identify experimental resources, additional examples of theoretical analysis, and interdisciplinary investigators with whom to collaborate.

Experiment Theory and data analysis People Ideation and communication

PS-OC Network Browser

Roll your mouse over the nodes in the network to identify potential collaborators and topics of interest. Depending on your video display, it might be necessary to view in full screen (try pressing F11). I have not finished entering nodes and links. Some items and connections are omitted to avoid disclosing unpublished work. Some investigators not officially members of the PS-OC network are included for topical relevance.

JavaScript visualization lightly adapted from a d3 demonstration created by Jason Davies.


Materials and reagents

Devices and facilities

You might enjoy these facilities if you like pdms, yellow light, and bunny suits.

Computer-assisted data acquisition

Auditing, validation, and reproducibility

These resources might be useful for researchers interested in improving (a) our ability to determine what was done and (b) whether it can be done again.

Theory and data analysis


Books, encyclopedias, and courses

Note: To save money, borrow from libraries and buy old editions.


Statistical analysis of data

Note that aspects of this field of analysis are sometimes referred to, perjoratively, as "statistical hypothesis inference testing."


Philip Nelson with Tom Dodson, A Student's Guide to MATLAB for Physical Modeling (2015).


Integrative science

Quantitative biology (q-bio), physical biology, biological physics, and biophysics


Course and course material repositories/indices

Journal and preprint article indices and repositories


Some of these listings were pulled from the ICBP software page. Some of these are just descriptions of computational packages used at research institutions. Other listings refer to software available for download (free or for purchase).

Physics simulation

General purposes data-analysis and numerical computation

Mathematical biology modeling





Patient advocates

(Incomplete list)

Education, outreach, and scientific communication

Interdisciplinary biology

Space science

Idea generation and sharing methods

Scientists working in K-12 outreach might find the following items useful for teaching technical reading and writing to students.

How to read


Verbal clipart (quotations)

Techniques in visual illustration

Track Topic Slides Video Description
A1 Principles of visual illustration PPTX slides MP4 video Value, form, and perspective
Clip art

Visual illustration software

Screencasting and audio editing

Office productivity and document preparation software

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